Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Loadhandler?
A: Loadhandler® is the most economical pickup truck unloader available. A one-way conveyor belt that attaches to a truck tailgate and, by manual cranking, will convey all items in truck bed to the rear of truck (or drop off end of tailgate if so desired).

Q: How does it work?
A: You take a load of material (virtually anything) atop the Loadhandler "dragsheet" that covers the truck bed.  When ready to unload, drop the tailgate, crank the handle and the load comes off.  In engineering terms, the Loadhandler provides a combination of high mechanical advantage and low friction.

Q: Does it really work that easily?
A: Without a doubt. If it sounds too good to be true, visit a material yard or the dumps, and ask one of the Loadhandler users, who visit frequently, how the unloader works for them. Or better yet, watch them unload.

Q: How strong do I need to be?
A: The most stubborn loads (rock, gravel, etc., up to 1.5 tons) come off with 70 lbs. of pressure on the crank handle. Other loads that create less drag (mulch, firewood, boxes, etc.) can be removed with much less pressure - many loads an 8-year old child could unload. 

TIP: On VERY heavy loads, spray bed-liner or truck bed with Silicone spray (or Armor-All) to make more slippery. 

Q: Who is the Loadhandler® customer?
A: Landscapers, homeowners, gardeners, farmers, do-it-yourselfers, roofers, contractors, grave-diggers, grounds-keepers, camp-grounds, utilities or anyone who owns a pickup truck.

Q: Can I install it myself?
A: Yes. The first "fitting" will take 3 to 5 minutes. After that it takes about 30 seconds to install or detach.

Q: What is the "dragsheet"?
A: The dragsheet is a rip-stop woven polyolefin fiber (Polypropylene weave) with a tensile strength of 10 tons across its width and length.  The dragsheet is attached to the Roller with duct tape and can be easily replaced.

Q: How long will the dragsheet last?
A: With care, the dragsheet will last many years, or up to 500 unloadings.  Small rips can be patched with duct tape.

Q: How do the Guarantee and Warranty work?
A: You have a 30-day, money back Guarantee with Loadhandler. If you are unsatisfied in the first month, simply return the unit to wherever purchased for a full refund.

After 30 days, your Warranty is good for one year on all parts. If a part breaks, simply call us at 800-580-0791 and we will replace the item free of charge. If you are beyond the 1-year Warranty, spare parts are inexpensive.

Q: Can I purchase replacement parts?
A: Absolutely. All parts are replaceable and can be easily purchased directly from Loadhandler by calling 800-580-0791. Dragsheets, handles, brackets, straps, etc. - all spare parts are available and inexpensive.

Q: Will it fit my truck?
A: Yes, and it is available in 2,000 and 3,000 pound models. Brackets are adjustable to fit any tailgate. Use our Application Guide to see which model is best for your truck.

Q: How can I order The Loadhandler®?
A: You can order The Loadhandler® online or call us direct at 800-580-0791.