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Just wanted to say what a great product you have. I've had one for a couple of years now, and I still look forward to using every time I need it.

Hurricane Irene was relatively mild in my neighborhood, but I did lose the top of one tree in my back yard. I loaded everything up into my truck equipped with my load handler, and when I got to my town's transfer station it took little more than 30 seconds to unload it.   Attached is a video to prove it.

Thanks again for a great product, and feel free to use this as a customer testimonial on your website!!

Chris Palmer, Owner


testimonial I own a roofing company. We have had dump trucks and trailers in the past. They cost a fortune to maintain (insurance, etc.) So I thought I would try a Loadhandler. My only problem was that I had a service body truck. I got a plastic bed liner free from a dealer who had removed it and installed a new one in a truck. They don't make a bed liner for a service body that I know of. We cut it down to fit and glued it in.

We next modified the brackets for our needs and mounted the Loadhandler on the back. We can now load the truck with as much as we can carry and the landfill only charges us for a pick-up load (about $18) instead of by the ton which is about $120 per load.

Every time we go to the dump someone ask us 'Where did you get that?' and we tell them LOADHANDLER.com. It paid for itself the first job we did. And I will be buying another one, two, three, etc.

Brian Trudell, Owner
Trudell's Roof Repair
Matthews, NC


testimonial The Loadhandler LH3000 provides year round service for me. It is particularly useful in the fall season when tons and tons of leaves fall in my area that need disposal. Unloading a load of leaves is a snap with the Loadhandler.

In addition to plug and play pickup truck mounting applications, The Loadhandler is easily adapted to custom installations. Mine is mounted to my utility trailer using normal mounting hardware provided and two customer provided nut and bolt sets. It is easily removed when not needed but I find I leave the LH3000 attached most of the time simply because you never know when you will need your Loadhandler!

Additional photographs of my custom installation and setup are at: http://www.firechat.com/loadhandler

John Grounds
Richmond, VA


I had seen the Loadhandler in catalogs before but never really thought they would work. Then one day I was talking with a friend who is 60 years old and only has one arm. He convinced me to give it a try. My first two times using it were with mulch. I wanted to unload the mulch into my garden trailer, but my tailgate was not high enough. So, I backed my truck onto a pair of auto ramps to lift the tailgate higher. The Loadhandler emptied the mulch even at an incline. My only regret is that I did not get one of these 10 years ago. I think I will also get another one for my utility trailer.

Oh, by the way I had a few doubters in my office. After I let them sit on the Loadhandler, and I pulled them off the truck with one hand they are now believers and are envious. This is an exceptional product.

Tom Martin
Amherst, VA


When I first saw the Loadhandler advertised on TV (before it was available in stores) I thought "man, there's a sucker born every minute isn't there". I didn't think about the Loadhandler much for the next 2-3 years, always unloading dirt by the shovel full, because I just knew that this thing just wouldn't work. I happened to be in the automotive section of my local retailer and I saw the Loadhandler in the rack. I was getting ready to do a large concrete removal job and I thought "Aw, what the heck, if it doesn't work, I'll return it"...

I will never be without one again. It handled the broken concrete so much faster than hand unloading it. Shortly after getting the Loadhandler, a friend needed a few yards of pea rock, so I offered to use my truck so we could get it done faster. I told him "Why don't we just use my truck and the Loadhandler and we'll have it done just as quick making 2 trips as we would by hand shoveling 1 truck and load handling the other". He insisted on using his truck as well. When I pulled up, he looked at the Loadhandler, laughed and said "man, you'll buy anything won't you Shayf?" We got the rock to his place and 5 minutes later, I was sitting in the shade watching him shovel (but, yes, I did go help him... belittling him for not having listened to me with every scoop of the shovel). After that little incident, I would often have to call Tom and ask to "borrow" my Loadhandler back from him... he finally bought one himself so I don't have to borrow mine any more.

It was about 9 or 10 years ago that I bought my first Loadhandler and I've told many people when they ask me how it works: "When I first saw it, I thought it was a gimmick. After using it, I'll never be without one". I'm on my 2nd Loadhandler now because of the use, neglect and outright abuse I've thrown at this thing... But I'll never be without one.

Kevin Shafer
Flint, MI


I bought this tool (LH2000) about 5 years ago and first used it to remove about 18,000 pounds of broken up concrete from a deck replacement job. I have since dang near worn it out, and in my own stupidity I LEFT it at the landfill last time! I was so upset, and now I need one again, so back to find it online I come. They are such a fantastic product, and on the one and only time I broke a part the Service techs were very eager to help and replace it. I will be buying the LH3000 as I now have a 3/4 ton truck.


James Land
Homeworks Remodeling Services
Merriam, KS


I had a small hauling business for about 10 years. We had two 3/4 ton pickups with side racks and a pickup box trailer. After we installed Loadhandlers (LH3000s) on all of these, we could haul 3 times as much debris than before. If the landfill would have been open longer we could have hauled 5 times more. We hauled everything from tree branches to pallets. We used to clean out rental properties for landlords and hauled everything you could think of. This tool worked for everything and is the best value around.

I knew some other guys that also had a hauling business and they had dump boxes on their trucks. They always complained about things sticking in the box and wouldn't slide out. They always had to rock their trucks to get it to slide out. I could just crank on the Loadhandler and be done unloading before they were. I also made a 3 to 1 reducer winch that attaches to the handle end of the Loadhandler to make it even easier to unload heavy weight. When we used the reducer, my 10 year old daughter could unload hundreds of pounds by herself.

Thanks Loadhandler.

Lincoln, NE


When I saw the Loadhandler on TV, I just had to have it. Of course, I forgot that I don't own a truck, but what the hey!! I am 58 years old and still do my own mulch and landscaping. Finally, last year a friend of mine who does have a truck was going to be doing a huge amount of mulch in her yard. I offered the use of my Loadhandler (LH2000) and my help because I wanted to see the thing work for the first time. Boy, was I impressed. She and I did about 7 truck loads in just a matter of hours. Today I have done 6 truck loads of mulch in my yard. Am I tired? Of course. But, had I not had the Loadhandler, it would have taken me several days to move that much mulch. I highly recommend the Loadhandler!!!

Marcia Morgan
Swansea, IL


I purchased a Loadhandler LH2000 for my step dad (who is a Sexton for the local cemeteries) when they just started coming out. He uses it 2 to 6 times a week (at least 3 times per grave opening) and is still using it. He says it was the best gift he has ever gotten !! After 10+ years of use it still works just as the day it was bought - just starting to need a new mat.

Lenard Riley
Bemidji, MN


I got my new Loadhandler (LH2000) and have used it for many uses, including 1/2 ton of gravel easily. I was taking a load of yard waste, not very heavy but the handle was catching on something. I continued to force pressure and one of the plastic parts broke. What had happened was that the strap got caught up in the tarp and was rolling up around the bar and I didn't realize it. I called Richard and he sent me out a new part the next day and now it is back to functioning properly. He was extremely helpful and did not question the warranty and replaced this part - even though it was my fault. I would recommend this product to anyone with hauling needs. You will be happy with the product AND the service.

Rock Hill, SC


I've owned a Loadhandler since I purchased it in early 1997 from your TV ad. It's been a great piece of equipment that has been used to move everything from old tobacco barn debris to mulch for the yard. It may be old and have tattered edges, but it has done what it said it would do. And every time I take a truckload of yard waste to the local dump I get stares and questions about it and they ask where I got it.

It's amazing that it hasn't been stolen, since I keep it on my tailgate all the time and parked on the street! My neighbor across the street even has one for his small Dodge pickup. And I forgot to tell you my friends borrow my truck all the time so they can use the Loadhandler.

It was the best $99 I ever spent! Thanks for making a great and practical product!

Kevin Rhodes
Newport News, VA


This is the best product on the market. When I had a truck I would carry dirt, cow manure, rocks, anything. When the lease was up on my truck I installed the Loadhandler on another truck and use it to haul things. My boss uses it as well. Thank You.

George Bell
Latrobe, PA


You would think nuns, of all people, would take things on "faith." We arrived at the Abbey of Regina Laudis on a cold, snowy morning to purchase a cord of wood. Sister Benedict and her helpers laughed at my newest contraption 'The Loadhandler' that I had installed in the bed of my truck. They did not believe that such a thing could move such a heavy payload. To prove the ease of use, we loaded a half cord in the back and rolled it right back off. Hallelujah! We reloaded the truck and now have believers in the Loadhandler. A really great product.

Marcia Daley-Savo
Woodbury, CT


I have been cutting wood all of my life (started around 10 years old). Now, my son and I cut wood and BOY IS IT MUCH EASIER! I am 36 years old and have two bulging discs and one crushed disc in my back (the result of many years of loading and unloading wood). I thought that my days of cutting wood were over. I received the Loadhandler and my life goes on! NOTHING is any easier. I can do more with LESS back pain and suffering. I am completely satisfied with my Loadhandler. I challenge everyone to try it! I guarantee that your days of climbing up in the back on a truck to shovel or lift are OVER! Thanks Loadhandler!

Robert Beller
Poca, WV


I have used my Loadhandler many times and for years. I have taken a 4x8 sheet of plywood, ripped it in two and put it against the wheel wells. This prevents the load from going around the wheel wells and "locking." I have removed easily over a ton of shingles at a time.

Painesville, OH


Want to share your Loadhandler experience?  Submit a testimonial to us.